Repurposed industrial heritage, sustainably restored

With its wealth of flex workspaces, Seinwezen is a popular choice for freelancers.


Railway architecture has its own charm, and Seinwezen (‘signalling system’), next to the railway line in Haarlem, is a wonderful example. The industrial atmosphere of this old Dutch Railways building on a rough, uncultivated site offers an inspiring working environment and the perfect location for an event or activity.

Venue hire

Versatile and flexible

Seinwezen has various spaces, with makes it suitable for a wide range of events. From conferences, workshops or seminars to training, job interviews or brainstorming sessions, Seinwezen is the ideal location in Haarlem. Small-scale festivals, television recordings, presentations, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities are also possible. You can also rent permanent office space or hire a desk for a day. This combination of factors creates a lively atmosphere.


Sustainable and well maintained

Het Seinwezen offers a unique, warm atmosphere with an industrial feel in leafy surroundings. The venue is equipped with modern facilities such as heating, toilets and audio equipment. Seinwezen also serves the neighbourhood – locals meet in the vegetable garden for a drink, or come together at a market or social gathering. For those coming from further afield, there are plenty of parking options.

With our expertise in catering and events, we’re happy to help you organise your event.

With its wealth of flex workspaces, Seinwezen is a popular choice for freelancers.

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A special venue for meetings, symposiums, conferences, lectures and receptions in Haarlem

The building

Repurposed railway architecture

The Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg Maatschappij (Dutch Iron Railway Company), which merged with another company to form the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways, NS) in 1938 , had Seinwezen built as its signalling headquarters in 1915. It retained its function until the 1990s as a sub-division of the NS Road & Works department, which was responsible for signalling maintenance. In 2011 it was repurposed, with sustainability as an important theme – for example, in 2015 the building gained the first collective solar panel roof in the Province of Noord-Holland. Its green roof and double glazing ensure the indoor climate is always pleasant.



“Stadsherstel and Seinwezen have a lot in common,” says Seinwezen’s initiator Baud Schoenmaekers about the takeover by Stadsherstel. “For example, Stadsherstel’s rental and venue hire department is open to social entrepreneurship in the region, cultural activities, and providing a service to the neighbourhood. Thanks to Stadherstel’s wish to cherish the building and restore it sustainably (because we hadn’t yet finished), and its social engagement, I’ve felt positive about this takeover from the start.”

Restoring the city

Choose heritage

Stadsherstel Amsterdam also restores and manages heritage buildings in Haarlem. Stadsherstel first acquired the Rosenstock-Huessy Huis and the Huis met de Beelden, followed by Seinwezen in 2019. Stadsherstel immediately started work on repairing the building and making it more sustainable.

By choosing a Stadsherstel venue, you help us to preserve cultural heritage in Amsterdam and the rest of the metropolitan area.



Stichting Stadsgarage Haarlem has its offices at Seinwezen. This foundation helps Haarlemmers to implement their ideas to improve the city. If you have an idea for Haarlem, come and join us! We’ll put you in contact with the right people, sometimes in unexpected areas, to create new partnerships. This makes it possible to achieve results in a wide range of fields.
It’s so good to know that we can make use of Seinwezen and that they will always think proactively to help make our training courses a success.
Training organiser for RIBW sheltered housing
For four years, Stadsgarage worked with six partners from three countries on one EU Programme, SPARK. The idea was that the partners would take it in turns to host the meetings. But that never got off the ground, because the partners always preferred to come to Seinwezen, ‘Because you have by far the coolest place to meet.’
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