Camerata Trajectina: New Amsterdam in Poetry and Music


ma 2 okt '23
Agenda Camerata Trajectina
Wanneer Tijd Waar  
ma 2 okt '23 20:00 Amstelkerk Kaartverkoop
Amstelveld 10 Amsterdam Nieuw
Amstelveld 10

Camerata Trajectina duikt in het Nederlandse verleden van New York

“Camerata Trajectina, the “Musical Treasury of the Netherlands,” is excited to announce our upcoming tour to the United States in October 2023, sharing our musical heritage with our American audiences. In a whirlwind overview, presented with humor and panache, we will place the early history of America in the larger context of the first Dutch settlers.

The Low Lands are world-renowned for the art of the 16th and 17th centuries, long referred to as their “Golden Age.” Great painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer depicted a domesticity still present in everyday Dutch life. But the Dutch were also found all over the New World, as traders and businessmen seeking new markets. New Amsterdam, now New York City, was even then the center of foreign trade for the Dutch merchants.

But this age of prosperity was not only about increasing the country’s financial coffers. Paintings often depict instruments and musicians, engaged in playing chamber music in the home or even taking a private music lesson. Performing the music we believe to have sounded in these depictions, Camerata Trajectina offers a unique glimpse into the world of the Netherlandish 17th century. We will present the soundtrack behind this important period in the founding of the United States.”

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