Kapella Trio at Amstelkerk: Brahms Horn Trio and Eric Ewazen’s Horn trio


za 14 sep
Kapella Trio
  • Toegangsprijs €12.00
  • Extra info Deuren open om 19:30 uur
  •   Kaartverkoop
Wanneer Tijd Waar  
za 14 sep 20:00 Amstelkerk Kaartverkoop
Amstelveld 10 Amsterdam Nieuw
Amstelveld 10

Beleef het Kapella Trio dat het Hoorntrio van Brahms en het Hoorntrio van Eric Ewazen uitvoert in de Amstelkerk.

The Amstelkerk presents a concert featuring the Kapella Trio. This program includes two significant works for horn trio.

Johannes Brahms composed his Horn Trio in E-flat major, Op. 40, in 1865, a period marked by personal loss following the death of his mother, Christiane. This work was groundbreaking for its time, as it uniquely combined the natural horn with violin and piano, diverging from the more conventional horn and piano duo or horn and orchestral settings prevalent in the 19th century. Brahms’s trio reflects his deep connection to the Romantic tradition, emphasizing lyrical expressiveness and intricate structural design.

The Horn Trio, Op. 40, stands out not only for its instrumental combination but also for its emotional depth. Brahms used the natural horn to evoke a pastoral, nostalgic quality, reminiscent of earlier, simpler times. The choice of the natural horn over the more modern valved horn was a deliberate one, aiming to capture a more authentic and raw sound. This piece significantly contributed to the chamber music repertoire, showcasing the horn’s capabilities beyond its typical orchestral role.

Eric Ewazen, an American composer born in 1954, drew inspiration from Brahms’s trio when he composed his own Horn Trio in 1989. Ewazen, a prominent figure in contemporary classical music, is known for his extensive contributions to brass literature. His trio reflects both a homage to Brahms and an exploration of modern techniques. Ewazen’s work emerged during a period of renewed interest in chamber music for brass instruments, reflecting the evolving landscape of late 20th-century classical music.

Ewazen’s Horn Trio continues the legacy of Brahms by integrating lyrical melodies with complex harmonies and rhythms, demonstrating the horn’s versatility. His trio also reflects a broader trend in contemporary music towards blending traditional forms with new harmonic and rhythmic innovations, thus bridging the gap between historical and modern musical practices.

Kapella Trio, featuring Ian Palazov on violin, Francisco Pereira on horn and Maria Parfonova on piano, presents these two works of different times highlighting the historical evolution of the horn trio format. The masterpieces show the transition from the Romantic tradition in Brahms to the contemporary innovation of Ewazen, showcasing the versatility of the horn trio format.

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