Benefit auction for the restoration of a magnificent door in Stone Town, Zanzibar - WORDT VERPLAATST


Agenda Lemaire Veiling

Dit evenement wordt verplaatst. Houd onze cultuuragenda in de gaten.

Kunstveiling ten bate van de deur van het Seyyida Palace in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

On Saturday 31 October at 17.30 Auctionhouse de Zwaan, Stadsherstel Amsterdam and The Tribal Art Fair will organize a benefit auction to raise money for the restoration of the door of Seyyida Palace in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Stone Town is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An Introduction to Stone Town doors

Approximately 560 doors, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, can still be admired in Stone Town. These are impressive wooden doors serving as a grand entrance to a building and reveal something about the resident’s social status, profession and religion. The oldest doors are Swahili doors, with designs of twisting vines, flowers or other emblems. A door in Indian style with a rounded top and brass studs, consists of small sections which can fold together. Rectangular Arab doors often have an inscription in the freeze and are decorated with intricate carvings of lotus flowers and palm leaves, symbolising reproductive power and abundance.

Hifadhi Zanzibar

The money raised will go to Hifadhi Zanzibar. In 2015 a small group of local investors started Hifadhi Zanzibar, a company modelled after Stadsherstel Amsterdam, that invests in historic property with the public goal to create a thriving and attractive urban environment. Hifadhi, meaning taking care of in Kiswahili, has acquired their first building, a Palace, which they are currently restoring it in a thoughtful way.

This Palace was built for the ruling sultan’s daughter Seyyida in the mid-nineteenth century. For decades it has housed the Twentsche Overseas Trading Company, importing Amstel beer and Philips light bulbs. During the restoration the Palace remains open to the public, presenting the Stadsherstel model in Zanzibar’s context and welcoming guests for concerts and exhibitions. There is also a pop-upshared office space for young local professionals in need of a well-equipped working space.

The benefit auction

Seyyida’s Palace has an impressive Arab style door in dire need of some restorative attention. Together with Stadsherstel Amsterdam, Auctionhouse de Zwaan and the Tribal Art Fair we would like to raise money to make it possible for Hifadhi Zanzibar to restore this important door.

The auction: Saturday 31 October at 17.30 in de Duif Prinsengracht 756 in Amsterdam.

All participants of the Tribal Art fair have donated one specially chosen object for this auction which can be found on and  , two weeks before the auction.

Either visit the Duif on the day or join the bidding online from the comfort of your home.

Please note if you would like to bid online registration with auctionhouse de Zwaan is required.

If you are already registered just log in to their website before the auction starts to be able to bid online.

More information about Hifadhi Zanzibar:

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