Albumpresentatie "Past Perfect" - Maria Nemtsova, piano


vr 13 okt '23
Agenda Maria Nemtsova
Wanneer Tijd Waar  
vr 13 okt '23 20:15 Amstelkerk Kaartverkoop
Amstelveld 10 Amsterdam Nieuw
Amstelveld 10

Pianist Maria Nemtsova presenteert haar nieuwste album in de Amstelkerk.

Maria Nemtsova is a concert pianist who has established herself in the Netherlands and will present her latest album, called “Past Perfect”. 

Notably, she has recently undertaken the task of recording a fresh album titled ‘Past Perfect’. This compilation presents a fusion of classical and romantic compositions interwoven with contemporary musical pieces. A defining theme among the selected composers is their shared exploration of a wistful yearning for the intangible treasures of days gone by. Their musical expressions encompass a range of approaches, sometimes embracing a therapeutic quality to engage with this sentiment and, at other times, fiercely grappling with it.

Nikolai Medtner (Sonata-Reminiscenza op.38 No.1), who never accepted new Russia, considered Ludwig van Beethoven (“Tempest Sonata” in d minor op. 31 No.2) as his main teacher; Polina Nazaykinskaya (“Ricercare Egaré”), Russian emigrant, who is living in the US now and a minimal music piece “Past Perfect” by Pavel Karmanov have also a lot in common: invisible threads, allusions, familiar fragrances, states of mind that penetrate into the atmosphere of this album. It is a very personal album that seeks to offer some hope at the end.

Maria has been graciously supported by the Wilhelmina Janssen Fund, Het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and the Voordekunst platform. 

She harbors a hopeful anticipation of your presence at the CD presentation on October 13th at the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam.

Photo credit: Masha Bogacheva

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